Qbiz FAQs - 2022

  1. What is Qbiz?
    Qbiz is an independent, self-sustainable, premium annual business quiz competition conducted for the students of Class XI and XII.

  1. Who organizes Qbiz?
    Qbiz is organized by Qbiz India. We are based at Fraser Valley India Campus at GGD SD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh.

  1. When is Qbiz organized?
    The first round would be conducted in the months of July, August, and September in the school itself.
    The Second (Regional) round will be conducted in the month of October in one of the schools of a particular region (Chandigarh, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and Uttrakhand)
    The Grand Finale would be conducted in the month of November. The details shall be notified via email/website/telephone.

  1. When would Qbiz be organized in my school?
    The school can mention their preferred week of conducting Round 1 in their school. The final date of the quiz shall be communicated via email/website/telephone no later than 7 days before the date of the quiz.

  1. How much does it cost to participate?
    Qbiz is free for all participants and participating schools.

  1. Who pays for Qbiz?
    Qbiz has partnered with the following sponsors:
    - University of the Fraser Valley, Canada
    - Fraser Valley India
    These partners pay for all the expenses incurred in planning, organizing and running Qbiz

  1. What are the prizes?
    Achievers will receive attractive Apple products details of which will be shared during the regional round.

  1. Who is a Qbiz Ambassador?
    Every Qbiz school will nominate 3 students each who would be acting as Qbiz ambassadors of their respective schools. They would be responsible for encouraging students to participate in Qbiz and will also be representing Team A from their respective schools.
    Qbiz ambassadors will be required to wear their sent ID cards in the welcome package on the day of the quiz, i.e., Round 1.

  1. Which streams can participate in Qbiz?
    Qbiz is a business quiz and is open to students of all streams. Most schools have made Qbiz compulsory for all their students.

  1. How should the students prepare for Qbiz?
    Qbiz will have questions on business, current affairs, personalities, products, brands, taglines, and general knowledge. A student should try to read business news, magazines, websites, books, blogs etc. to stay updated.

  1. What preparations are required from the school for Round One?
    Seating: All students should be seated in an examination set up at least 15 minutes before the start of the quiz.
    Question Paper: The students will be allowed 20 minutes to answer all questions. Round one will only consist of multiple-choice questions on business, general knowledge and current affairs.
    School supervision: Depending on the number of participants in the school, Qbiz staff might require supervisory help from the school staff to avoid any unfair means during the quiz.
    Winners: Winners of Round one shall be notified on the spot.

  1. What preparations are required for Round Two (Regional Round)?
    Each school will be represented by their two school teams i.e. Team A & Team B, consisting of 3 members in each team along with 1 representative from the school. Both the teams and representative is requested to report to the assigned school of their particular region on the said date and time.

  1. What preparations are required for Grand Finale?
    The grand finale shall be conducted in GGD SD College, Sector 32, Chandigarh. Outstation school (100 km from Chandigarh) teams (3 members along with 1 representative from the school) will be required to reach Chandigarh one day before the event. Hotel accommodations will be provided by Qbiz India. Transport will not be reimbursed.
    Local teams shall report directly to the designated venue no later than 8.00 AM for registrations.

  1. Can schools bring a cheering team for the Grand Finale?
    Schools are allowed to bring a cheering team of up to 10 students from the school. The cheering teams will not be provided accommodation. The schools have to notify the number of members of a cheering team in advance by sending an email to info@qbizindia.in.

  1. What is the last date to register the school?
    Online registrations will close on 20th August.
    Offline registrations will continue thereafter until mid of September.

  1. When and where is Round 2 (Regional Round) of Qbiz 2022 being organized?
    Round 2 for Qbiz 2022 will be organized in a particular school of a given region. In the past, we have conducted at Learning Path School in Chandigarh Region; Auckland House Girls School, Shimla in Himachal Region; Wynberg Allen, Mussoorie in Uttrakhand Region; and Harvest International School, Ludhiana in Punjab Region.

  1. What are the timings for Round 2 and Grand Finale?
    Registrations will begin at 8:00 AM. The teams can expect to leave by 3:30 PM on the same day.

  1. We are an outstation school? When should we reach?
    Following your confirmation for participation in Round 2, you shall be contacted by a Qbiz representative who will guide you depending on your travel preference, convenience, city, members of the cheering team etc.

  2. We are a local school? When should we reach?
    All school teams are expected to report directly to the venue by 8:00 AM.

  1. What is the sequence of events on the day of Round 2 and Grand Finale?
    It will be shared nearer to the date.

  1. Should the participating students be dressed in school uniforms?
    It is compulsory for all the participating students to be dressed in their school uniforms. Cheering teams are also required to be dressed in school uniforms.

  1. What should students carry for the Round 2 (Regional round) and Grand Finale event?
    Refer to the attached checklist.

  1. Will transport charges be reimbursed for Round 2 (Regional round) & Grand Finale?
    The school will have to make their own travel arrangements and bear the cost (if any).

  1. Can schools bring a cheering team for the Grand Finale?
    Schools are allowed to bring a cheering team of up to 10 students from the school. The cheering teams will not be provided with any accommodation.

  1. Will lunch be provided by Qbiz India in the Regional Round and Grand Finale?
    Lunch will be provided for Qbiz participants, coordinators, cheering teams, faculty & other guests.

  1. What is the last date to register for Round 2 (Regional Round)?
    Schools are requested to confirm their participation before September 30, 2022.

  1. Will the students get certificates?
    Every participating student will receive a participation certificate after the Regional Round and also a separate certificate for Grand Finale. Qbiz Ambassadors will also get a certificate as well.

  1. What if the school team arrives late?
    Round 2 and Grand Finale will start as per the time in the schedule. Arriving late would mean the school team loses time in the qualifying round for the stage round of the Regional Round as well as the Grand Finale round. But they are more than welcome to see the final round.


  1. What is the Faculty Development Workshop?

The Faculty Development Workshop will be organized by our principal sponsor, University of the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada. The details of which will be shared nearer to the date. All the faculties attending will receive a participation certificate.

  1. Do I need to register for the Faculty Development Workshop?

Yes, Pre-Registration for the interactive Faculty Development Workshop is required although attendance is voluntary. A certificate of attendance is provided to attendees.

  1. How do I pre-register?

You can pre-register when your team is confirmed. Alternatively, you can email your request for registration to : info@qbizindia.in

Registration is limited and is available on a first come basis.

  1. Is the Faculty Development workshop compulsory to attend?

Though we strongly encourage all accompanying schoolteachers/coordinators to benefit from the program, it is NOT compulsory to attend.

  1. Who should we contact in case of an Emergency?

In case of any emergency please contact +91-9779428866.